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Hotel Boomerang
a green park in the city of Rome

The safety of our guests is our priority.
Hotel Boomerang has always cared about the cleaning of all rooms, which is why we have strengthened our hygiene measures, providing for an accurate disinfection and sanitization of all areas, while maintaining a high level of safety, both for guests and for our employees.

The certification

The hotel is due to the initiative of two entrepreneurs from Australia who at the beginning of the '60s brought to Rome the constructive peculiarity of American motels.

The large spaces, occupied by the pool, the park and the large car park in front of each room made it famous for its welcoming and private environment.

In the 80s, the works resulting from the enlargement of the Via Aurelia and the link with the GRA, connected it to the major road networks, leaving unaltered its characteristics of green oasis in the city of Rome. The realization of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, the progressive replacement of LED lighting, the care of the large green areas are included in the "Green Project" to enhance our unique environment.

In recent years the renovation of the rooms, the garden and the bar area has allowed the Boomerang Hotel to consolidate its tradition that has made it exclusive for those seeking relaxation and privacy.

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Enjoy your stay in Rome in total relax at hotel Boomerang, after visiting the major Roman attractions: Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Imperial Forums, Via Veneto...


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Immerse yourself in the nature of our private park for a pleasant walk

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relax in the pool

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free private parking

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Relax at the Boomerang Hotel for even a few hours

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Out of the chaos of the city but just minutes from the main attractions of the Eternal City!

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